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Dell Canada

The original Dell is still around and ordering online has never been easier. Prices just keep getting cheaper everytime we check. Definitely the source for desktops, laptops, printers, software, handhelds, LCD televisions, and much more.

Apple Canada 120 x 60

The online Apple Store features Mac products, iPods, iBooks, PowerBooks, servers, accessories, software, refurbished items, special deals, and so much more.

Lenovo Canada

Lenovo is best known for their award-winning ThinkPad notebooks from IBM, along with their quality line of desktops, monitors and projectors, all with free shipping!

NEW For Canada!

The original Palm Store Canada offers the entire line of Palm handhelds products along with accessories like keyboards, cases, covers, chargers, cradles, cables, add-ons, software, expansion cards, and more. Check out their Special Offers!

NCIX Canada Anything computer related such as motherboards, RAM, sound cards, printers, software, hard drives, floppies, video cards, CPUs, CD writers, etc., is here and cheap!

Alienware High-Performance Systems

Alienware offers high performance, superior build quality, innovative style, and award-winning support for all your technology needs including desktops, notebooks, flat panel displays, workstations, media center PCs, and other gear.

Shop Matrox

All kinds of graphics cards, computer games, networking, video editing and imaging software, refurbished products, cables, and more.

Tiger Direct

Formerly MISCO. The Best Computer Deals. Anywhere. Anytime. From complete systems to parts, peripherals, MP3 players, digital cameras, PDAs, office equipment, telephones, electronics, servers, software, games and so much more! Canada, The Internet Superstore, offers laptops, desktops, printers, routers, switches, hubs, cabling, storage devices, POS products, boards, software, and much more!

Amazon software & games Amazon now sells computer software for home or business and also has games for the PC, PlayStation2, XBOX, Game Boy Advance, GameCube and more.

Lik-Sang is the largest online video game store featuring all the latest releases and classics for your PlayStation2, XBox, GameCube, Dreamcast, GameBoy, GP32, NeoGeo and other systems. Lots of accessories and new technology items too! They also offer Free Shipping on most products.

The International Online Gamers Club (IOGC) provides you with unlimited video game rentals by mail for a flat monthly fee. Play the games and return them when you're done. They even pay shipping both ways. They boast over 2,000 games for PS2, XBox, GC, GBA, PSP and Nintendo.


GameWire is North America's connection for unlimited game rentals for PS2, XBox, GameCube, GameBoy Advance, PSP and Nintendo. Check out their 10 day free trial! is Canada's largest video game library, with over 2,000 games for Playstation 2, Xbox, Xbox360, Game Cube, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP and a 10 day free trial.


Internet essentials for your Mac are all online here, like publishing an online photo album or your own webpage, accessing your email, backing up your files, etc. Click on "See .Mac pricing in other currencies" for Canadian.


eDimensional - It's As Real As It Gets with their flagship 3-D gaming system, along with other virtual reality gaming products and software including intuitive voice control, motion tracking, and interactive headsets... mind blowing!


Your one-stop-shop for all your modification needs. Full selection of PS2 (Playstation 2), Playstation, Dreamcast, Xbox, Gamecube, PC, Cellphone, DVD, and Gameboy Advance mods, add-ons and accessories.

PS2 Repair Parts

PS2 Repair Parts pride themselves on having virtually every part you would need to perform any PS2 repair problems you may be experiencing.

Get your Playstation 2, PS/PSX, XBOX and Gamecube consoles and accessories here, along with other products like wireless hands free kits, auto diallers and more.


This site has a ton of games for your gaming system, whether it be Gameboy, Game Cube, Nintendo 64, Playstation 1 or 2, PC, etc., all at guaranteed lowest prices.


DVDSoon offers an extensive list of games for Gamecube, XBox and Playstation at unbeatable prices. Also check out their impressive list of movies for sale.


These guys have it all... the best deals on computers, parts, accessories, peripherals, cameras, upgrades, software, games, servers, storage, handhelds, etc.

Digital Spyders

The Total Technology Service Providers feature 45,000 plus products such as computers, notebooks, tablet PCs, input devices, LCD projectors, handhelds, software, etc.

Iomega Drives and Disks

Iomega has its own online store featuring zip backup drives, CD-RWs, external hard drives, software, factory outlet, etc. Click on "Canadian Checkout" in your shopping cart.

Corel Store

Check out Corel Corporation's online store for products like Paint Shop Pro, Animation Shop, Photo Album, CorelDraw, WordPerfect Office, Painter, Visual Creation, and more. Prices in Canadian dollars once you click on a product.

Software Oasis

Download and license software securely online, like spam killers, pop-up zappers, anti-virus, tax preparation, password managers, games, voice recognition, Linux, and more. Also check out their huge selection of free software downloads!


These guys specialize in used / refurbished / end of line PC and Mac products, such as motherboards, memory, drives, cards, notebooks, cables, networking accessories, and much more. And, these prices are extremely cheap!

Affordable Inks has the cheapest prices on the internet, in Canadian dollars, for compatible cartridges for your printer, whether it be HP, Canon, Epson or Lexmark. And, get free shipping for orders over $40.

Save up to 90% by refilling inkjet cartridges instead of buying new ones. With their Inkjet Refill Kits, you can refill your inkjet cartridge and dramatically reduce your printing costs.


Genuine printer ink, toner cartridges, printer supplies, computer accessories, label printers, CDR media, fax and copier supplies, and much more. Plus, earn up to 1% gift certificate to be used on future purchases at C2store.

Inkjet Warehouse is proud to provide high quality, low cost, environmental alternatives to the Canadian inkjet consumer and free shipping on all your orders over $60, same day!


French website from Loretteville, Québec offering the best and lowest bulk price for ink products in Canada for all makes of laser, inkjet, deskjet and fax printers.

Atlantic Canada's On-Line Discount Computer Centre for complete systems, components, peripherals, software, accessories, the list goes on.

RADMIN: fast, secure, affordable. Free Trial.

With RADMIN, you can remotely operate your home or office computer, provide helpdesk functions for remote users, easily manage your home or office network and work from home. Try it FREE for 30 days!

Staples / Business Depot

Staples has computers and accessories, printers, scanners, power bars, ink cartridges, software, copiers and fax machines, etc. Free delivery for orders over $50.

Future Shop

Personally, I don't like Future Shop. Most of their products are made special by the manufacturers just for their stores which explains their low price guarantee. However, I added them anyway due to popular demand. has provided services to over 17,000 happy customers worldwide with over 99.5% satisfaction feedback rate. They sell computers, accessories, cables, mp3 players, memory drives, LCD monitors, software, etc.




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