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Entertainment books are still the best value around for worldwide savings, such as 50% off hotels, two for one meals, discounts on movie tickets, car rentals, and more. Many books available for cities across Canada, however please note that prices are in US dollars on this site.


This site has tons of coupons for services, dining, automotive, travel, computers, weddings, attractions, sports and leisure, pet supplies, mind body soul and much more.

Save 50-90% off on the best to eat, see and do, through the power of team buying, thus the website name. Sign up to their newsletter for the daily deal and start saving! is a website offering local daily deals at up to 90% off food, events and more through the power of group buying. Sign up to their newsletter for the deal of the day and start saving!

Open an account, select the coupons that interest you and print them on your own printer. Present the coupons at time of purchase anywhere these products are sold.

PromoGo Internet Coupons

Live in Montréal or visiting Montréal soon!? Visit this site and print out coupons for Shopping, Hotels, Restaurants, Car Rentals, Attractions, Entertainment, and more.


Québec coupons for entertainment, dining, professional services, shopping, travel, accommodations and more. The website is in French only.

Coupons for Nova Scotia for categories like Auto Repair, Restaurants, Fast Food, Clothing, Entertainment, Services, Shopping, Accommodation, and more.

BC Restaurants Coupons

Coupons for various restaurants and fast food places in British Columbia. Just click on the coupon desired, print it out on your printer and present it at time of ordering.




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