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Save Canadian Wild Lands

Save 0.4 square feet of Canadian Wild Lands for free, just by clicking on a donation button. Advertisers on the site pay for the donation clicks. Return tomorrow to donate again.

Hunger Site, Breast Cancer Site, Child Health Site, Rain Forest Site, Animal Rescue Site.

Click on these sites daily to Give Free Food, Fund Free Mammograms, Save Our Rainforests and Feed an Animal in Need. All sites can be accessed from each other.

Click buttons to Stop Aids, Promote Education, Support the Arts, Protect the Environment, Defeat Cancer, House the Homeless, For the Children, and to End Hunger.

Heinz / Children's Miracle Network

When you buy Heinz jarred baby foods, toddler foods, infant or toddler cereals, please save the labels/boxtops, and send them to your local participating Hospital Foundation. Heinz will donate 6¢ for each label collected.

Cyber Flowers

For every purchase you make from their site, Cyber Flowers will donate 5% of your purchase to the charity of your choice from the list of charities on their site.

Oxfam Canada Stamp Programme

Help Oxfam Canada stamp out hunger by saving your stamps and envelopes and mailing them to Oxfam. They raise about $10,000 annually by selling these stamps to collectors.

thINK FOOD / Phones-for-Food

Recycle old cell phones and empty ink jet cartridges at drop-off locations all across Canada. Purolator will then return these to a central location where they are sorted and sold to the remanufacturing industry. Funds are raised for the local food banks through this process.




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