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AVG Technologies - Tough on threats.

Protect your computer against viruses with this Free Anti-Virus program. We've been using this one for years now and it's always up-to-date! To find the free edition, scroll to the bottom of the page, click on Site Map, then click on AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition. Over 80 million users!


SurveyClub rewards you with great prizes and easy money just for visiting websites and filling out quick and easy online surveys. And, membership is free!

Register with Baby to Bee to receive tons of free coupons and gifts for the coming baby. Baby to Bee have quickly become a leader in Prenatal Marketing collecting over 225,000 Mother/Mother-to-be names a month!

Receive a free personal horoscope! Or, how about a free astrology reading or a romantic compatibility report or love meter report? Also get a free career path or destiny report or karma report or past life report. All free!

This site has tons of free software such as graphic editors, anti-virus, system tools, FTP, MP3 players, video players, games, web design tools, and so much more. is an awesome website where you can track all your reward programs like Aeroplan, HBC, Esso, all in one place, and swap points amongst them to collect faster or redeem your points for merchandise on their website!


Design a webpage for your child on this site's webspace... for free! Very easy to create, even for the beginner. Create the page then send the link to family and friends. or dial 211

Dial 211 on your phone or visit this site for free information on Toronto services such as health, housing, government, emergency, ethnic, seniors, legal, child and family, etc.

Skype is a little program for making free phone calls over the internet to anyone, anytime, anywhere all over the world and it's so easy to setup! The calls have excellent sound quality and are highly secure with end-to-end encryption.

Cute Baby Photo Contest

Enter photos of your child between the ages of 0-3 years of age for your chance to win various prizes. There's a new contest theme each month, so enter soon.

Mystery Photos Contest

Identify the mystery photo for a chance to win various prizes. This is a lot harder than it seems. The photos change every week so remember to re-enter next week. Contest has been awarding thousands of dollars to lucky poets every month for several years now. Anyone can enter the competition simply by submitting an original poem, 20 lines or fewer, on any subject, in any style. Enter now!

Black Bear Company Store

Black Bear has an ongoing Contest. Fill out the quick form and you are entered. While at their site, check out their unique items for sale.

Cyber Flowers

Enter to win one dozen mixed roses at Cyber Flowers. A winner is drawn every month!




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